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Why choose us?


Created by athletes, kinesiologist, and medical professionals at the Sports Science Center in Scottsdale, Arizona, our SMART Garment Systems are the first wearable systems of their kind capable of providing usable information about exercise and sport-specific technique.  

SMART Garment Systems consist of sensors you attach to your body by neoprene and velcro bands or placed inside of lycra mesh compression clothing.  The sensors communicate your body's technique, posture,  and range of motion data back to our software via bluetooth, connected to your mobile device.

Join the revolution and improve how you move!

COMING SOON! Play a round of golf with your instructor & get technique feedback after each swing or at the end of the round!
COMING SOON! Work out & get accurate feedback on your exercise technique! You don't need a cheerleader, you need results!

THE RUNRITE SYSTEM-Your Personal Technique Coach

3D SMART Garments-The Future of Fitness is Here!!!

SMART Garment systems do more than track data.  Our wearable movement analysis systems actually analyze the data from your sports motion or fitness activity and tells each athlete exactly what to work on to run faster, jump higher, develop a consistent and repeatable swing or sports skill and stay healthy.  

As the SMART Garment sensors communicate data to our software via bluetooth, complex algorithms analyze the data and look for range motion deficits potentially caused by strengths and weaknesses in the athlete based on the kinesiology and biomechanics of the athlete’s body.  Each SMART Garment System is sophisticated enough to identify exactly which exercises an athlete could do to reduce injury risk and improve sports performance.